ABCDEF Keyboard

The perfect keyboard if all you see in QWERTY is a chaotic alphabet soup.

Why use this keyboard?

I developed this keyboard as a mother's day gift for my grandmother. She recently got her first iPad. She loves it. It allows her to keep in touch with all her grandchildren. However, she has never seen a QWERTY keyboard in her life. For her, typing on it is as painful as trying to write your name by fishing out all the needed letters from an alphabet soup. With this keyboard she now sends frequent text messages and typing has become much easier.

Use the keyboard everywhere

You can use the keyboard in every app. From famous messengers like WhatsApp, iMessage or Telegram to the Safari internet browser.


This keyboard is not intended to replace the QWERTY layout. Instead, it helps people that are not familiar with the traditional layout to type faster and easier.

Fully integrated

The keyboard supports all different iPhone sizes and iPads. It also supports both, portrait and landscape mode. Last but not least, the keyboard also supports the dark mode that is used by some apps.

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Privacy Policy

ABCDEF keyboard respects and values your privacy. Therefore the keyboard does not store any data about your usage or your typing. The keyboard does not have "open access" to your phone. Hence it is prohibited by the Apple system from accessing the internet or any files on the phone. You can read more about what the keyboard can and cannot do here in table 8-1, column "Open access" - Off.

Here is a quote from the documentation that sums up what the keyboard can do:
"If you build a keyboard without open access, the system ensures that keystrokes cannot be sent back to you or anywhere else. Use a nonnetworked keyboard if your goal is to provide normal keyboard functionality. Because of its restricted sandbox, a nonnetworked keyboard gives you a head start in meeting Apple’s data privacy guidelines and in gaining user trust."